To help people concerned about how websites are using cookies, the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) has put together some practical advice on how you can protect your online privacy. It’s mostly in relation to the use of Cookies on websites.

They’re asking for anyone concerned about cookies to let them know using their anonymous ‘Report your cookie concerns‘ tool. This will help them to monitor an organisations’ adherence to the new rules, identify sectors where contact or enforcement action may be required, and identify areas where further guidance may be required. They will update their website with details of any action they are taking.

Their approach is to focus on sites that are doing nothing to raise awareness of cookies, or get their users’ consent. When consumers raise their concerns with them, they either conduct their own compliance check or write to the organisation.

Report a Cookie Concern.

What do they do with the information?

Although they do not respond to concerns individually, they use the information you send them to help them identify, investigate and take action against organisations causing you concern. To do this, they work alongside other organisations and the website owners.

What action has the ICO already taken?

You can find out more about the action they’re taking on cookies, and see the list of Enforcement Actions they have already taken here. It makes for an interesting read.