Google Launches “Mobile First”

In July 2018 Google launched their long awaited “Mobile First” initiative. This is the biggest shake-up to Google Search Results seen in 10 Years.

How does it work and what does it mean?

Up until July 2018 Google could be encouraged to REGULARLY crawl through your website and look at the site content and the site code. It used this information (and other SEO factors including whether your site is mobile friendly) to decide where it would place your website when people performed a Google Search.

IMPORTANT: It looked at your website as if it were customer using a desktop computer. It doesn’t do that anymore!

From July 9th 2018 it looks at your website as if it is a customer using a smartphone. This is a huge change!

For the many small local businesses the impact will be negligible to start with. Your local competitors are unlikely to implement Googles required changes, so you’re all on the same level. It’s when one of your competitors implements the changes and gets the jump on you that it’ll really sting you.

Those of us competing for specific search terms that we consider ‘national’ search terms, it’s a different story. We can’t hang around. There’s a definite first-mover advantage. For us and our websites we’re having to start with whole new websites built from the ground up for smartphones/mobile devices. At first glance they won’t look a great deal different to the naked eye, but the code that goes into them will be about 40% different. It’s a ball-ache and there’s a cost.

So the short summary is that certain types of business websites will need a rebuild from the ground up specifically for mobile devices first and desktops/laptops second. When it comes to our keyword search terms, it’s a slippy slope and we’re all at the top of it and only going to go in one direction until we decide to take action.

It sucks. If you want to chat about how this impacts on your business call us on 01502 586049.

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