How Search Engine Optimisation Works

I’ve often been asked how my Search Engine Optimisation service works.

The best way to sum it up is as follows:

1. There is a BIG LIST of things that need to be done ONCE.

Most the big things are carried out on your website. The majority takes place on your pages, but we will spend a lot of time making changes to the source code of the pages.

We will also make adjustments to your business social media accounts and business listings.

2. There’s a SMALL LIST of things that need to be done at REGULAR INTERVALS.

The search engines and social media networks demand to see new or updated content from your business. How often, is determined by a number of factors that is discussed once you become a client. I’ll show you or your staff how to carry these simple tasks, or we can work out a monthly fee that has my staff do it for you.

3. I OWN both lists.

I own both lists. I have spent 23 years creating them. I am always testing new SEO theories on my own websites. If they work, they make it on to one of the lists. New things are added, and old things are removed. My list is constantly being updated.

4. I GUARANTEE my results.

Enough said.