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Success in our Search Engine Optimisation Service (SEO) is measured by how high your website shows ‘naturally’ in a search engine. The website traffic and visitors that these listings generate, cost you nothing. They are FREE and continue to generate traffic and visitors month after month if you’re willing to carry out certain tasks to maintain the SEO activity we carry out for you. The amount of ongoing activity is dependent on the popularity of your chosen search term(s). These search terms are often referred to as ‘search terms’, ‘keywords’ or ‘key phrases’.

We offer a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss what our search engine optimisation service can do for you.

In a nutshell, my Search Engine Optimisation Service (SEO) is about treating your business as if it were my own. I will cross all of the T’s and dot all of the I’s. My in-house team and I will follow a set of principles and rules, and carry out activities that I have established over the past 20 years to guarantee my websites get to the 1st page of Google and stay there.

It’s likely you’re on this page about my search engine optimisation service because you’re sick and tired of not showing up high enough in the search engines. I have a 100% success rate in getting my websites to the front page of google for my chosen keywords and key phrases. I achieve this by going to the lengths necessary to GUARANTEE my results.

My first question to you is:
Are you willing to go to the lengths necessary?

More importantly, Are you willing to have us go to the lengths necessary to really nail the SEO for your website and business? I’m not going to list the specific activities that my team and I carry out to achieve the results we’ll get for you. But at this point, I need to make it clear that what we do takes both time and money.

Once you become a client I will happily disclose how we’re going to get you to the 1st page of Google.

Search engine optimisation service

My second question is:

Which Do You Value The Most? Your Time or Your Money?

Your Time?

If it’s your time you value the most, then my in-house team and I can take care of everything for you. A full search engine optimisation service for your website and business.


Your Money?

If it’s your money you value the most, then I can show you how to carry out many (not all) of the activities necessary to get your website and business to the 1st page of Google for your chosen search term(s).


Time & Money?

Ah. Sorry. Experience tells me that it’s very unlikely that we can help you to your satisfaction.
It’s why I have to ask…
Which you value the most?

How much does Search Engine Optimisation cost?

There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration. We’ll need to take a look at:

  1. Your desired search terms. Some are more competitive than others.
  2. The current state of your website, listings and social media accounts. These are the foundations on which we build our activities.
  3. What we’re working on. E-commerce Products require a different approach to Services for example.

All of our activities will have an impact on your position in search results.

Some of what we do are one-time activities that need only ever be done once. We will carry these out at a fixed agreed rate.

Other activities need to be repeated at regular intervals, either by us, by you or a member of your staff. We provide full training on how to carry out these relatively simple activities.


Some of the activities are completed at a fixed rate of £60. Other activities at an hourly rate of between £18 and £60 per hour (charged in 10-minute segments of £3 – £10) depending of which member of the in-house team is carrying out the work.

You will come across companies that offer little package deals, or a monthly fee. We find that these don’t work. How can they possibly give you a price without knowing anything about your business, your website, your current activities or the activities of your competitors?

My price promise is that we’ll ONLY charge for the work that is actually necessary to get the agreed results.

First Consultation
Let's see if I can help you
A 15 Minute Conversation
A Fact Finding Consultation
I work with the Business Owner(s) or Senior Management.
If a so-called expert in SEO, Social Media Marketing or Website Design cannot establish whether they can GUARANTEE their results, within 15 minutes...
They're not really an expert.
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Per Hour
My Location or Yours
After the 1st hour, my time & expertise is charged in 10-minute segments at £7.50.
If it only takes 10 minutes, you are ONLY charged for 10 minutes.
I work with the Business Owner(s) or Senior Management.
You're paying for my Expertise and 20+ Years Experience.
I work fast.
My work is GUARANTEED.
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Website Design & Build Plan.
Online Market Places.
Internet Marketing
Organic Search Engine Optimisation.
Local Search Optimisation.
Product Pages SEO.
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Social Media Marketing.
Social Media Training.
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Social Media Management.
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Team Work
Per Hour
£18 - £30
I Employ A Very Talented Team
Work Carried Out By My In-House Team
If you engage me to execute the plan I create for you, many of the tasks can be carried out by my in-house team.
An hourly rate of between £18 - £30 is charged depending on the complexity of the task being carried out.
Partial Hours
This is charged in 10-minute segments at between £3.00 - £5.00. If it only takes 10 minutes, you are ONLY charged for 10 minutes.
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Half Day Consultancy
Per 4 Hours
My Location or Yours
My half day consultancy is ideal if your existing internet marketing strategy and website are in a real mess, you are rebranding or you're starting a brand new business.
I ONLY work with the Business Owner(s) or Senior Management.
You're paying for my Expertise and 20+ Years Experience.
I work fast.
My work is GUARANTEED.
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Google Partner with DisclaimerRead how being a Google Partner in Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft or London has absolutely NO INFLUENCE on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

It starts with a conversation...

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