Website Promotion

I improve your website rank and position

Website Promotion

There’s a difference between website promotion and website marketing.

In this context, promotion is best defined as ‘improving rank or position’.

So website promotion is ALL about improving rank or position in every area that your target audience can be found.

The obvious and essential place to start is with the Search Engines

More than Search

There’s more to a comprehensive website promotion strategy than search engines. They are just a good beginning.

You and I will each create a list of the ALL the places your target audience are to be found. Then we prioritise.

Your list won’t be same as my latest clients’ list. Quite right too. The whole point is to find where YOUR customers are. Here’s a list of the obvious ones that may appear on your list.

Usual Suspects

We won’t ignore the usual suspects, but your customers are found in many more places than just these. You’ll need to get touch with me to see my list.








Google +











It starts with a conversation

30 minutes, no obligation, your place or mine, I take one sugar.

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