What Happens To Your Business If Your Website Designer Gets Killed By A Bus?

The dramatic effect on your business isn’t limited to your website designer getting hit by a bus. They could could go broke, move away, change business direction, double their prices, fail to develop their understanding of current trends or simply decide they don’t want to design websites anymore.

I had planned for this to be a long article that eludes to why you should use me, but I’ve changed my my mind. I’m going to cut straight to the point.

If your website designer get hit by a bus… You and your business are screwed if you don’t have all of the passwords to the various digital marketing stuff they have set up for you. You have to start from scratch.

Action: Reach out to your current provider(s) and ask what they have in place to ensure you have direct access to everything in the event of the relationship coming to an end.

In a nutshell. When you use me, I set everything up in your name, independent of me. You own everything. You just giving me limited access to it so that I can carry out the work required.

So, you own the hosting account, you own the email accounts, you own the domain name, you own the website, you own the social media accounts, you own the local business listing. You own it all.

At any point in our relation you can give the access to another 3rd party.

A Recent Case Study:

Client (X) came to me to take their business to the next level. Their current provider (Y) had set up everything in Y’s name. Even their domain name, which means (X) lose it he doesn’t renew it or he goes out of business.

(Y) pretended they were hosting the website, when in fact they were just using ionos and charging (X) 400% more than what they were paying to ionos. Worse was that the website was hosted within (Y) ionos account, along with other clients. (Y) couldn’t give direct access to the hosting.

The Facebook Business Page, Twitter and LinkedIn Company page were tied to (Y).

They client and I had a nightmare getting access to everything I required to make their business fly.

SUMMARY: Make sure you have direct access to everything!… or simply use me in the first place.

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