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I am your shortcut to incredible results.

Every Month I generate over 1 million visitors to my Websites, my client Websites & Social Media Accounts. I do it WITHOUT spending a penny on advertising.

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Social Media Consultancy

Need a Social Media Strategy for your business? My Social Media Consultancy service is based on more than 20 years experience in creating and executing successful online marketing strategies. I guarantee that 1-2 hours with me will change the way you do business online.


SEO Expert

I am a leading organic SEO expert. Organic means you don't pay a penny for the traffic. No Google or Bing Ads. For more than 20 years I've been getting websites to the front page of Google and keeping them there. From consultation to execution I GUARANTEE to drive your site up the search engine rankings. Want to know if I can help you and your business?


Social Media

I am the Founder of a leading Outsourced Social Media Marketing business in the U.K. Team Social was created to provide expert Social Media Marketing, Management and Training services for businesses & individuals that are too busy to do it themeselves. Prices start at £99 per Month.

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1. First Consultation
Where the magic begins
A 15 Minute Conversation
A Fact Finding Consultation
I work with the Business Owner(s) or Senior Management.
If a so-called expert in SEO, Social Media Marketing or Website Design cannot establish whether they can GUARANTEE their results, within 15-30 minutes...
They're not really an expert.
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2. Consultancy
Per Hour
My Location or Yours
After the 1st hour, my time & expertise is charged in 10-minute segments at £12.50.
If it only takes 10 minutes, you are ONLY charged for 10 minutes.
I work with the Business Owner(s) or Senior Management.
You're paying for my Expertise and 20+ Years Experience.
I work fast.
My work is GUARANTEED.
Online Business Strategy
Website Design & Build Plan.
Online Market Places.
Internet Marketing
Organic Search Engine Optimisation.
Local Search Optimisation.
Product Pages SEO.
Service Pages SEO.
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Marketing.
Social Media Training.
Social Media Advertising.
Social Media Management.
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How my FREE Consultation works:

It’s designed to make sure I’m not wasting your time and money. The primary purpose of the call is to establish if I can guarantee my results to you. I can usually do this within 15 minutes.

We will discuss your business, your objectives and your expectations.

It is very likely that I’ll need to spend additional time looking at your current online properties. There is no charge for this additional fact-finding. Some of this may be carried out by one of my team.

Once my fact-finding exercise is completed. I contact you with a plan of how I would achieve the results you desire. I clearly indicate the budget required and OFFER YOU A GUARANTEE.

It’s then up to you to decide if you want to engage me at an hourly rate of £75, or my team at an hourly rate of between £15 – £36. REMEMBER: My results are GUARANTEED.

NOTE: Work carried out by my team are charged at a lower rate of £15 – £36 per hour depending on the complexity of the work being carried out. This is charged in 10-minute segments. If it takes 10 minutes you are ONLY charged for 10 minutes.

Brilliant service. I was a complete novice. They fixed my Facebook business page and then showed me how to use it properly. Now I'm loving using facebook for my business.
Paula Hodge
Paula Hodge
Excellent service! highly recommend ,perfect for those wishing to move ahead with their business,thanks Fox 🙂
Julie Parrott
Julie Parrott
Fox thanks for the training on facebook pages it was really useful and a lot of fun
Stuart Dickerson
Stuart Dickerson
🙂 🙂 Highly recommend as Fox certainly made it a million times easier for me!!!! I was clueless and was really struggling on my own, I now feel a lot more confident. I have learned so much that I would never have done on my own. This has been a massive asset for my business and would recommend it to anyone, their business health check is also very useful, it turns out I had my page set up all wrong!! I am now getting more like and enquiries! Very Very pleased with the friendly service!!!
Heidi Long
Heidi Long
Had an amazing Facebook Training session for my 3 Facebook Business Pages. Their knowldge is surpassed only by patience. I finally get it!
Geoff Longbar
Geoff Longbar
Having Fox design our website has had a massive positive impact on our business. I can't recommend him highly enough. Thanks very much
Darren Twitchett
Darren Twitchett
Fox and his crew fixed a complete mess made by a large corporate webdesign seller in a mere 48 hours - the best at the very best of prices making fantastic value not only 5/5 but 100%+++
Charles Wessex
Charles Wessex
You are guaranteed fantastic quality service from a fantastic quality guy!
Andrew Heaford
Andrew Heaford
"Does exactly what it says on the tin".... After days trying to sort my own website using one of them online sites, I was close to pulling my hair out. But I saw an advert, made a call and after a comfy, (at my level or understanding) chat and some great ideas from Fox we were on a roll... Soon he had already done a better job then I had completed on my own in a few day... looking forward to the finished result and another cup of coffee...lol ps.. Thankyou for saving my hairline....
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson

Every Month, I generate over 1 million visitors to my client Websites & Social Media.

I’ve been working on the Internet for more than 20 years. I know exactly what works and I know what doesn’t work. I’ve worked with over 450 clients, websites and social media accounts. I live and breath this stuff day-in & day-out… so that you don’t have too.

I am your shortcut to incredible results.

First and foremost I am a Strategy Consultant. I specialise in organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & Social Media. I get my clients to the 1st page of Google. I DON’T use Google Adwords. I’ve never paid for website traffic.

When I work with you, you get results fast. I’ve built over 300 websites and created over 200 social media marketing strategies. Schedule a 15-minute call to see if I can grow your business online. It’s Free.

If your website, internet marketing and social media marketing activities are not working for you, I’m very likely to blow you away.

Call my team on 01502 586049 or use the contact form.

Internet Marketing Consultant

With 20 Years Experience, I am your shortcut to incredible results.

Organic SEO Specialist

I am a leading provider of Organic Search Engine Optimisation.

Social Media Strategy

I’ve created over 200 Social Media Strategies.

Years Experience

Online Businesses Helped

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*1.2 million clicks per month