Fox Tucker


I work with individuals, businesses and brands across the U.K., Europe and North America.

I’ve been selling & marketing products, services and businesses online for over 20 years. It’s my unrivalled experience & knowledge that enables me to help other individuals, businesses and brands to do it successfully.

Whether . I practice what I preach. I own a number of websites. I built them and I marketing them. I’m an expert at organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and a Social Media Marketing Consultant. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

Throughout the years I’ve been a website designer, affiliate marketing consultant and a super-affiliate.

Business Today

Today I provide 4 core services:

Website Design

Website Marketing

Website Promotion

Affiliate Marketing

and 1 specialist online services:

Social Media Management

I practice what I preach. I’m all over social media. I have 45,000+ followers and subscribers across my accounts.

My Own Projects

I practice what I preach. I’ve been building website sites for 20 years. My own websites and social media marketing activity generate 1.2 million clicks per month. 1 click every 2 seconds.

I also have a number of fun online interests that turn a profit, including:

iOS Game Promotion

iTunes Music Charts

You can take a closer peek at my playground.

How it started

Back in the early 1990’s, I published sheets of Discount Offer Coupons for students in Oxford. I’d sign up merchants to provide offers, design the coupons on a DTP program, get them printed and spend weeks delivering them door to door.

Fox Tucker Website Design

Then the internet arrived

I used a dial up service in the USA, via a London POP on 9600 modem. Cost me a freaking fortune! My first thought was “I could do discount vouchers on a much larger scale”. I taught myself website design. I knew then, that this WWW thing was going to change the world.

Mid 1990’s. I was sat on a bus in Oxford, held up by roadworks again. There was a sign in the road “ComTel Cable is coming. Sorry for any inconvenience”. Right there, right then I decided that the best way to make the most out the Internet in Oxford was to run the Internet in Oxford.

I sat in the interview for a sales position. The Sales Director and Marketing Director asked me why I wanted to work for ComTel. I replied “I want to run your Internet”. They both replied… “What’s that?”

Like a Virgin

I  climbing through the ranks that eventually led to the position of Internet Manager. The Managing Director and I were responsible for creating one of the first dial up services in the UK. The company acquired NTL, so it started all over again. That company is now called Virgin Media.

In 1996 I started out on my own. I won’t bore you with it all here, you can see more on LinkedIn.

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